Sensitivity Analysis of the Information Gain in Infinite-Dimensional Bayesian Linear Inverse Problems

Published in arXiv preprint, 2023

We study the sensitivity of infinite-dimensional Bayesian linear inverse problems governed by partial differential equations (PDEs) with respect to modeling uncertainties. In particular, we consider derivative-based sensitivity analysis of the information gain, as measured by the Kullback-Leibler divergence from the posterior to the prior distribution. To facilitate this, we develop a fast and accurate method for computing derivatives of the information gain with respect to auxiliary model parameters. Our approach combines low-rank approximations, adjoint-based eigenvalue sensitivity analysis, and post-optimal sensitivity analysis. The proposed approach also paves way for global sensitivity analysis by computing derivative-based global sensitivity measures. We illustrate different aspects of the proposed approach using an inverse problem governed by a scalar linear elliptic PDE, and an inverse problem governed by the three-dimensional equations of linear elasticity, which is motivated by the inversion of the fault-slip field after an earthquake.

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